Annual Awards for Outstanding CRA Members

The CRA Board of Directors invites members to nominate members for our annual awards.

Please email nominations for Yachtsman and Sportsman of the Year to the CRA Secretary.

Yachtsman of the Year - This award must be given to a CRA member.

This award will be given for Excellence in Yachtsmanship. Our organization is a racing body and therefore, this must be primarily based on race results, in particular the CRA High Point Series.

The Yachtsman of the Year should recognize someone whose level of sportsmanship, service, and achievement sets a standard to which others should aspire. In doing so they reflect favorably upon the reputation of CRA and its members.

Excellence in Yacht Racing must include overall sportsmanship and behavior.

Sportsman of the Year
- This award must be given to a CRA member.

The Sportsman of the Year shall have performed deeds and/or services of an exceptional nature, which have directly benefited the Cortez Racing Association

The Sportsman of the Year contributed directly or indirectly to the advancement and promotion of our sport and CRA. This individual demonstrated an extraordinary example of sportsmanship during the year, or can be based on years of continuous contributions to CRA and the sport of racing.